Church Engagements

At the end of his book, Badge Bullets and Blood (Now available for free download on this site) Harry makes the statement that "after this how could anyone not believe in God?"

His presentation is a powerful message that prayer works and God is with us. 

Harry Stegall was raised a Christian joining the Presbyterian Church at age 12. He was asked one time if he could say what the greatest gift his parents gave him was? After some thought he said "it was the opportunity to learn who Jesus Christ was and about God".  The rule was that if you spent the night in the Stegall house on Saturday night you were expected to be in church on Sunday morning.  

After he was shot and lay on the ground he had a total flashback of his life. He tells of the horrible ending. Harry has never denied that he knew he immediately needed God's help that morning and he asked for it. He tells how God sent 4 earthly angles to help him. Some might call it a coincidence but Harry calls it divine intervention. 

                    Divine Intervention

When a miracle happens. When the hand of God reaches down and saves someone from a life threatening or dangerous situation. 
When someone is placed in the right place at the right time to be a catalyst for someone in need, when the person in need may have been in angst about how they would get through a certain situation.

Dear Ministers, 

I believe so strongly that God spared my life for a purpose that I want to share my experience with you and your congregation. Even when I lecture Officer Survival or Fatal Assults in law enforcment classes i make sure that the students know that God was the reason for my survival.

I build up to the scariest part of being shot, making the listeners wonder if it was looking down the barrel of a gun, hearing the shots being fired, thinking I was going to die or maybe seeing the blood run from my body. When I have them on the edge of their seats I tell them "what if I had not been able to call on God? "

My message resinates with believers and christians and equally resinates with those that may not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. I will be valuable to all ages but especially to young adults, middle schoolers and high schoolers that haven't made a commitment to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. 

Sunday mornings are reserved for your message but I will gladly participate where you think most valuable to your church. Anytime is fine with me. My message is free. I can't put a value on a soul. 

I look forward to hearing from you.


Harry Stegall