Highway Patrol Cadets August, 2017

A Police Officers Funeral

          May 17, 2016 Harry Stegall was                      presented with the NCSHP                                Purple Heart Award

           Inspiration    Motivation   Courage    

         One student said,

"he intoxicates you with his                 experience."


My goal is to share my story with as many officers as possible in hopes to impress them that death can be around every corner when they least expect trouble. I have included a FREE down load of my book for anyone to read.

The will to live is a psychological force to fight for survival seen as an important and active process of conscious and unconscious reasoning. This occurs particularly when one’s own life is threatened by a serious injury or disease. The idea in which someone who is on the threshold of death may consciously or unconsciously try to stay alive through the belief that they have a reason or something to live for, along with giving up on the will to live. There are significant correlations between the will to live and existential, psychological, social, and physical sources of distress. The concept of the will to live can be seen as directly impacted by hope. Many, who overcome near-death experiences with no explanation, have described concepts such as the will to live as a direct component of their survival

       Trp. Peterson Plaque at Training Academy

​Veteran Officers Reminder

Sgt. Mike Humphrey         NCSHP   

Assume Nothing When            You Approach

"You Don't Have To Get Ready....If You Stay Ready"

3 Never's for Police Officers

In 1975 Harry Stegall stopped a vehicle driven by a wanted fugitive for murder in North Carolina. Information had not reached Harry about the fugitive and with only a speeding ticket in mind, the assailant pumped 7 bullets into the young state trooper and left him for dead. 

Hear how his "Will to Live" training and faith in God helped him crawl back to his patrol car and call for help. 

Are You Ready to Survive ?

Traffic Stops

        A Wake Up Call 

Highway Patrol Cadets September,  2015

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